good intentions, but giving or receiving of a bird (animal) as a gift might not be a good one.  The recipient may want to pick out the bird  after the pace of the holidays slow down.  A baby bird needs to be supervised.  You should ask yourself questions like; is he eating, and how does he play with his toys.  Could he get hurt ?  If there is so much going on around you how can you watch for these things.  Then there are family and friends visiting.  Do they tease the baby bird.  Do they give him food.  Do they kiss on the baby bird (beak to mouth)  Our mouths have so much bacteria in it that your baby bird could be contracting something from you.  If you must kiss someone do so with your significant other.  So to give a baby bird  as a gift is not fair to either the bird or human. 
     Christmas morning  is here and all of our birds (14 of them) get gifts to open.  If they didn't no one could stand it around here,  the noise would be unbearable!  I wrap each one with brown paper because the ink in Christmas wrap could be poisonous to birds if they chew on it. 
Never use any kind of foil to wrap up toys for any animal or bird.  We take each bird to look at the decorations around the house.  It serves two purposes; one, a little one-on-one time before people come over. Two, it lets them be a part of all the activity. They are given their gifts to open and everyone is busy for at least 2 hours.  They get their special holiday dinner too!  Yams, green beans, white potatoes (cooked), turkey, cranberry salad, corn bread and extra nuts.
My husband, Bill and I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday.
Misty and Shadow, two of our African Greys, would say "Merry Christmas, Ho, Ho, Ho, Happy New Year!

Do you know what will be here in the year 2000?
Watch and see!

Food to leave out for Santa Claus

On Christmas Eve, this is what I would like you to leave out (not all of them but some):
Barley sugar sweets for me to suck on if I start to feel airsick. Also extra strong peppermints to keep me warm on the frosty nights.
Cookies or biscuits with a glass of lemonade or milk.
Leave a hot jug of cocoa with a sifter of chocolate and cinnamon, and a bowl of punch in case Santa feels like something stronger.
Choclates! Yum! Yum!
For the reindeer, leave a bundle of sweet meadow hay, a bunch of reindeer moss and a crisp red apple.
Tah! Santa.