BACBC Educational Programs
Member Questionnaire
We hope all members will fill out and return this questionnaire. 
We are starting a new year and would like everyone's input as to what type of
programs you would like to attend at our meetings.
We do need your help to make our club be the well-rounded one that we'd all like to have.
Fill in the blank line with any specific topic you would like to see a program on, based on the

Health: ________________________________________________________________________

Breeding: ______________________________________________________________________

Specific Species: _________________________________________________________________

Genetics: _______________________________________________________________________

Showing: _______________________________________________________________________

Handfeeding and Raising: _________________________________________________________

Training and Teaching: ____________________________________________________________

Nutrition: _______________________________________________________________________

The Bird Business: _______________________________________________________________

Cage or Aviary Design and Construction: _____________________________________________

Bird Care for Beginners: ___________________________________________________________

Pet Bird Specifics: ________________________________________________________________

If you have any other suggestions please add them to this list and mail it to:

Dena Peses
P.O. Box 1694
Bellaire, TX  77402-1694