Old Business:
Linda stated that we are still in need of a Membership Chairperson Kathy Mayo expressed an interest.

Logo:  Bill has worked on some ideas that give a fairly good representation of hookbills and softbills.  These were to be shown to the newsletter editor before any further discussion or vote was taken.

New Business:
Linda reported that Sharon would be first delegate with Teresa being second delegate for the American Federation of Aviculture.  Sharon gave a brief explanation of what AFA does and why it is important to support them.

The club will not be holding an SPBE show this year.  Membership in SPBE is still under discussion.
A NCS - cockatiel show will be held in conjunction with the Canary and Finch Society Show.  They were excited to have us hold the cockatiel show in conjunction with theirs.

The Oasis Bird Sanctuary in Phoenix, Arizona was brought by Bill as a place for the club to possibly make a donation.  This sanctuary does not place birds for adoption nor do they breed them.  It is more of a retirement home for birds of all kinds whether they are old breeders, crippled, etc.  They are currently housing 250 birds.  They are willing to fly here and give a talk about their organization. It was further stated that members need to save all molted feathers as the Sanctuary takes them and sells them to help cover expenses.  A motion was made by Kathy H. and seconded by Sharon to have Bill investigate this further and report back.  Motion carried.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:32pm.

Respectfully submitted for Secretary Joyce Mayor
Kam Pelham-Polk