enter the apartment in the event of the death or hospitalization of the pet owner.
Arranging for a Shelter or Charitable Organization to Provide Short-Term Care
There may be an animal shelter or charitable organization with which arrangements can be made to care for a pet in the event of the death or hospitalization of the pet owner. Should the owner make such arrangements, shelter personnel would need written instructions addressed to the superintendent or building management and the key to permit them access. Similarly, the pet owner should leave written instructions in his/her home and with a relative or friend to notify the shelter (if a shelter is chosen) or the individual who has agreed to take care of the pet during this period.
Emergency Instructions
Once the pet owner has decided upon such arrangements for the short-term care and feeding of the pet in the event of the pet owner's hospitalization or death, the owner should carry a copy of the instructions as part of his/her identification papers in the event of sudden hospitalization or death due to an accident or illness. An example of the type of instructions to carry appears at the end of this document.
Providing Copies of Instructions to An Executor
Finally, in the event of death, and to cover the interim period while letter stestamentary are being obtained, the Executor named in your Will should also be given copies of all applicable instructions.
In conclusion, the best way to assure proper care for a pet under the circumstances described is to make both testamentary and short-term arrangements for the pet now and to have a Will drafted by a qualified attorney. Making such arrangements may entail a significant amount of effort on the part of the pet owner, but is important so that the pet owner's animal is cared for in the event of the owner's hospitalization, incapacity or death.

. that until homes are found for my animals, the animals be placed in foster homes rather than in cages at the shelter;
. that if it is necessary to keep some of the animals in cages while making arrangements to fend permanent homes, in no event should any animal stay more than a total of 2 weeks in a cage;
. that each animal should receive appropriate veterinary care, as needed;
. that after attempts have been made for 3months to place an animal, my [son], presently residing at [address], be contacted if it is not possible to place an animal so that he can assist with finding a home for the animal;
. that the shelter make every effort to assure that none of my animals are ever used for medical research or product testing or painful experimentation under any circumstances:. that, after placement, shelter personnel make follow-up visits to assure that my animals are receiving proper care in their new homes.
If the [Humane Shelter] is in existence at the time of my death and is able to accept my animals, I give [$_ to the Humane Shelter]If the [Humane Shelter] is unable to accept my animals, I give my animals and [$ / to one or more similar charitable organizations as my Executor shall select, subject to the requests made above.
Sample Will: Provision IV
My [cat, Ginger], shall be delivered to[Mary Smith or John Doe] for temporary holding. The Executor shall determine the amount from the estate to go with the animal for such temporary care and feeding. The Executor shall advertise and otherwise make diligent efforts to find a good home for the animal, taking a reasonable amount of money for these purposes from the estate. If no home can be found after [ ] months, the animal shall be taken to [name and address of veterinarian]to be euthanized by the most humane method the veterinarian has competency to use.
Sample Will Provision V
I direct my Executor to pay, as an