Parrot Trivia Answers

7. The most southerly distributed parrot (surviving) is the:  Austral Conure
The Austral Conure inhabits Tierra del Fuego at the very tip (lat55 S) of South America.

  1. The most northerly distributed parrot (surviving) is the:  Slaty-headed Parakeet
The Slaty-headed Paakeet lives as far north as Latitude 34 N in Afghanistan.  The scientific name of the Slaty-headed is Psittacula himalaya, as in the Himalayan Mountains!

  1. Of the following parrots, which is the most highly specialized feeder?   Fairy Lorikeet
Evolutionary speaking, the Lories and Lorikeets are younger than the other parrot families.  They "recently" evolved a wondrous adaptations for gathering food-the brush tongue!   They gather pollen with this tool adding it to the nectar, fruit, buds, shoots, seeds, and insects that make up the various species' diet.

10.  How many toes does a parrot have on each foot?  4
Parrots have zygodactyl feet or feet with two toes pointing forward and two toes pointing backward.

A parrots first and fourth toe point backward and the middle two point forward.  This creates the parrots "grasping" foot.  A parrots foot actually has the dual role of being the parrots hand as well.

11.  The fleshy and/or feathered area above the beak where a parrots nostrils are located is called the
Cere     Whether covered with feathers as in the Eclectus Parrots or a naked skin as in the Macaws, it is the cere.  The cere even indicates gender in some species.  Testosterone gives a sexually  mature male Budgie a bright-blue cere.  When older males quit producing the hormone, the cere turns brown.

Parrot Trivia Questions

  1. Parrots Need Grit in their Diet?  True or False

  1. Which parrot is the most diverse with nearly 30 subspecies?  Quaker Parakeet, Green-naped Lorikeet, Geoffrey's Parrot, Desmarest's Fig Parrot, Yellow-eared Conure, Peach-faced Lovebird, Brown-throated Conure.

14.  All parrots are monogamous and mate for life: 
True or False

15.  Which parrot is thought to have developed from natural hybridization in the wild?  Barnyard's Parakeet, Many-colored Parakeet, Beautiful Parakeet, Adelaide Rosella, Turquoisine Parakeet, Twenty eight Parrot, No hybrids occur in the wild.