Coming Shows and Fairs

  1.                                                   Plano, TX
Plano Bird Mart
Plano Center   2000 East Spring Creek Parkway, Plano, TX. 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
Contact: WD Brown:  318-725-6365 or e-mail:

02                                                  Matairie, LA
Cajun Canary Club's Bird Show & Fair
Quality Hotel
2261 N. Causeway Blvd.
Contact: 504-887-0724

09                                                 Dallas, TX
Dallas Bird Mart
Market Hall
2100 Stemmons Fwy. 
Contact: WD Brown:  318-725-6365 or e-mail:

16-17                                            Paducah, KY
Tri-State Exotic Bird Fair
Exec Inn & Convention Center
I-24 exit 4
Contact: 901-878-1307

26-27                                            Houston, TX
Parrotfestival 2001
Marriott North/Greenspoint
Contact: 281-353-8062

Winter Bird Hazards

"Oh the weather outside is frightful!" Now that cool weather is here, there is less ventilation in your home and your bird is even more sensitive than usual. There are so many things that can harm your feathered friend when the windows close and the furnace gets turned on.

The first thing to consider is dry air. When you crank the heat, all of the humidity in your home is evaporated. This can causes dry skin and breathing problems. To alleviate this, keep the area around your bird humid and allow them to bathe frequently.

Who doesn't love a cozy fire in the fireplace? While this can be enjoyable, it can also be very hazardous for your bird. The healthiest way for your bird to enjoy a fire is not to be in the room. Smoke is an irritant and may sometimes contain particles. If you use fire color additives or starter logs, they may contain heavy metals that may lead to heavy metal poisoning.  If you want to enjoy the warm glow of candlelight, use candles that are unscented and supervise your bird very closely!
As the temperature drops, another thing to consider is illness. Sometimes, it may be difficult to determine if your bird is ill because in the wild, they are animals that are preyed upon. Unfortunately, by the time your bird shows signs of illness, it may be too late. Be sure you are in tune with your bird and take them to the veterinarian if you notice a change in

The most common ailments seen in birds are Upper Respiratory problems. Some of the symptoms of these problems are breathing with an open-mouth, nasal discharge, wheezing, constant clicking, bobbing of the tail, or an odd squeaking. Upper respiratory diseases can be caused by a number of things, some of which include allergies, cancer, bacterial infections, or even a foreign body may be lodged in the nasal passage.

Anytime you suspect your bird to be ill or he is acting abnormally, do not hesitate! Take him to the vet immediately. You will never be sorry if nothing is wrong and you have taken action.

Submitted By: Gayla McGill


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