GREAT and GREAT-LOOKING the newsletter for October is!!!  Thank you, Teresa.
The current slate of interim Club officers was read.  There were no nominations from the
Floor; the slate was elected unanimously.
***An ALERT from the FAA regarding the transportation of pets via air will be printed in November's newsletter.***
Raffle Report by Sharon Gordon:
Every paid ticket will get a hand stamp at the entrance.
Each paid ticket can register for a door prize.
Raffle tickets can be purchased at the raffle table for each item of interest.
Publicity Report by Tom Treffiey:
Notices have been sent to the Chronicle, Greensheet, other Houston community
newspapers, and to Public Service departments of many radio and TV stations.
The November 1999 meeting will be held Monday, Nov. 22, starting at 6:30 p.m. with
Kam Polk as speaker.
The December 1999 meeting will be held Tuesday, Dec. 14, starting at 6:30 p.m. with snacks and gifts to exchange.
For the last hour of the meeting, we played games for prizes.
Several people brought snacks and drinks---thank you (you know who you are!).  A very
fun time was had by all.

Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Mayor, Sec'y.

Presidents Pen

AFA Legislative Alert!
The members of the AFA Board of Directors are calling your urgent
attention to the recently released
information in the attached petAlert from the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) re; "Restricted air Travel for Pets."  In case you have not yet already seen this material or read the information carefully, please do so at once.  This is an urgent
matter potentially affecting air trasport and shipment of ANY and ALL livestock!  NOT just house pets!  We need to alert everyone regarding these pending legislative actions. 
While we are all supportive of the
humane care and treatment of animals in transit, mandating expensive
modifications and restrictions on
commercial airlines as a prerequisite for carrying live animals has the
potential for ending, or severly
limiting, commercial air transport for ANY animal species for ANY purposes within the territories and
borders of the U.S.
If live animal shipments should come to an end, or become more
prohibitively expensive to offset costs associated with the mandated
modifications to aircraft, there would be far-reaching negative
ramifications.  Fancier competitions (dog, cat, bird shows, etc. ), commmercial shipments (mammals, birds, reptiles, fish), zoo animal
shipments (for exhibition, breeding, and conservation purposes),
Agricultural shipments (poultry and other small livestock routinely shipped by commercial airlines), would all be drastically affected.

This is NOT JUST A "PERSONAL PET" air transport issue.  Anyone who has occasion to transport live animals via commercial arie carriers, whether as a single "carry-on" pet or involving air cargo shipments would be affected by the proposed

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