until 4:30pm.

Nominating committee report: A phone list is needed.  The committee will receive the list as soon as the computer glitches are taken care of.
Refreshments:  A motion was made by Linda Fleischer and seconded by Neysa Edwards that each member bring their own refreshment rather than one person bringing refreshments for everyone.  Motion carried.

T-shirts were again discussed.  The club is considering doing them in a polo style shirt and having some for sale at the AFA convention next year. A discussion was also held about having a booth at this convention.

New Business:
Neysa made a motion that was seconded by Kam to have the club donate $35.00 to the Budgerigar Association of America so that they can buy something nice for the raffle table in our club's name.  Motion carried.

Kam made a motion seconded by Neysa that the meeting be adjourned.  Motion
Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm
Respectfully submitted,
Kam Pelham-Polk, Secretary