On behalf of the Bay Area Cage Bird Club, thank you to all who
donated to the raffle table

Deer Park Animal Hospital
Allie Caet's
Bill & Sharon Gordon
Nancy Blewett
Circle P Wholesale Pets & Supplies
Kam Pelham Polk
Norma's Birds
Fly Away Home Aviaries
Linda Beeman
The Parrott Affair
Rainforest Blvd.
Lisa Osten
Bird Cage Showroom
Bishop's Feed Store
Our Lil' Jailbirds
Bird City U.S.A.
Birds, Etc.
Gayla McGill
Kathy's Fliers and Gliders
Linda Fleischer
Victor Krentz
W.A. Ashmore & Company
Celestial Parrott
Premium Pet
Bernie's Beautiful Birds
Fancy Feathers
Stuff For Birds

September 20, 2000
Normal Monthly Meeting

October 17, 2000
Normal Monthly Meeting

October 28, 2000
Cockatiel Show in League City

November 28, 2000
Normal Monthly Meeting