4. How many subspecies of African Grey are there?    0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
The three recognized species of the African Grey Parrot
                   Psitticus erithacus erithacus-the nominate or base form of the species of which the other subspecies developed.
Psitticus erithacus princeps- An island subspecies not established in the U.S. aviculture
Psitticus erithacus timneh- the diminutive subspecies that is gaining huge popularity as a pet

5. Of the African Grey subspecies, which of the following is not a recognized subspecies.   Congo, Ghana, Cameroon, Zaire, King Jocko, None of the above   
None of the Above
Perhaps the most common myth in the parrot community is the existence of the "Congo" African Grey.  Look at the list of African Grey subspecies in question 4.  Do you see Psitticus erithacus congo, or Psitticus erithacus camerooni?  Sorry, you don't

6. Budgies got their name (Budgerigar) from the Aborigines of Australia. It literally translates to:
Flying Leaf, Hides in trees, Good to eat, Hard to catch, Lives near water, Eats on ground, Flys with many, None of the Above                           

Good to eat
They'd have to eat a lot of them, don't you think?

7. The most southerly distributed parrot (surviving) is the:
Kea, Austral Conure, Antipodes Island Parakeet, Red-fronted Kakariki, Perfect Lorikeet, Vulterine Parrot, None of the above.

  1. The most northerly distributed parrot (surviving) is the:
Slaty headed parakeet, Thick Billed Parrot, Vernal Hanging Parrot, Niam-Niam Parrot, None of the above

  1. Of the following parrots, which is the most highly specialized feeder?
Slender-billed Conure, Long billed Corella, Seven Colored Parrotlet, Fairy Lorikeet, Modest Parrot, Rock Parrot, None of the above.

10.  How many toes does a parrot have on each foot?  0, 2, 4, 5, 6

  1. The fleshy and/or feathered area above the beak where a parrots nostrils are located is called the:
Maxilla, Cere, Sqamosal, Zygomatic Arch, Mandible, Periopthamic Ring, Occiput, None of the Above.

More questions and answers to these next month!

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