A special thank you goes out to all these
people for their help in making our show and fair a success!

Those who are not members such as

Ron and Betty Livengood,
Susan and Kyle Mueller,
Mary Elrod,
Georgia Fletcher,
Linda Dupler

Jamie and family and staff from ABC Pets   Sharon Hill    Janet & John Ebach   
Wesley and Linda Waters
Are really the ones that made this fair a success
They came in and worked all day for our club.

And of course to our members too,
Victor Krantz, Neysa Edwards for their help in getting calls made and items sent to their addresses.
Also Harris and Dena Pesses for the extra time it took to go into establishments to get donations.
Your efforts paid off!

Tanya and Peter Blum were there to help out, too.  Rosa Ortiz and Carmelita Yeager helped at the table and these ladies also took care of hospitality night at the Quality Inn.
GREAT JOB Everyone!!!!!!!

Thank you
Sharon Gordon  Raffle Chairperson
Linda Beeman President and Show Chairperson
Dena Pesses Vice President
Teresa Ingerson Fair Chairperson
Bill Gordon Treasurer

Raffle Report

Klean Air Plus
Zone It System
Allie Caet's
Large Cuddle Pup Tent
Victor Krentz
A Cockatiel
Exact handfeeding formula, carrier, video, and information booklet
Adventure in Birds
Cage (small parrot)
City Pets
Small parrot toys (6)
Scarlet Oakes Aviaries, Inc. Harrison's Organic Bird Foods
King Bo Restaurant
Gift Certificate (Buffet for two) up to $15.00
Sharon's Pampered Pet Inn
Bird supplies, dog and cat supplies, Prevue Canary or Finch cage
Pet Stop
Small to medium parrot toy, Nutriberries and Noodles & Nut foods
Animal--Avian Hospital of the Village Dr. Dan Jordan
Gift Certificate for 5 lb Harrison's Bird Diet Maintenance and two 1 lb. Bag of Harrison's Bird Diet
M & M Artistic Design
Tee Shirt, Hat and Key chains Hallmark the Party Shop
Eastern Bluebird and Black Capped Chickadee bird statues.
WK Gorman
Bird Gym
WA Ashmore MFG. Co.
Large Bird Swing
My-All Aviary
English Parakeet
Country Home Aviary
Cha Cha Beans
Birds Etc.
Signs, Keyrings with bird Logos
Bird Cage Show Room
Corner Rest Shelf
Hope Enterprises
Siver Angel Pin
Birds & Branches Aviaries
Small Bird Tree

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