provisions of (SB 1193).

Your immediate comments and concerns regarding the potential impact of this legislation should be directed to the members of the Senate  comference committee considering Senate Bill 82, (SB 82).  It is important that this be done immediately.  Your remarks should be brief and polite, but clearly state your views and personal eperiences.  It is not necessary to overstate your comments and opinions.
Suggestions of content are:
(1) the inclusion of the provisions of (SB 1193) into (SB 82) has not had the benefit of public hearing, comment or debate.
(2) if commercial air transport of livestock is curtailed or ended as a result of this amendment to (SB 82).
(a) it will have a serious negative financial impact, and /or
(b) it will negatively impact your leisure activities, hobby or business and those of thousands of other individuals as well.
(3) concerns regarding live animals shipments by commercial air carrierswould be better addressed with public hearings and a full airing of the issues before the respective House and Senate committees considering (HB 2776) and (SB 1193).

Your comments may be submited by phone, fax or email.  Once again, time is not our ally, and your prompt response is urgently requested. 

** More information will be
provided at the meeting on Nov 22

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