I know that there have been some confusing & trying times for the members of BACBC.  Yes, it is true that we have had officers resign in the last month.  I want to thank all of the members that 
came to our rescheduled monthly meeting, and all the support I felt from you all.  I would also like to thank all the members who volunteered to fill these positions for the remainder of the 1999 year.  I will do my utmost to fill the large shoes of the past presidents, and to help the members of this club recapture the joy we all felt when we found a place where we belong. 
As a reminder, the elections of officers for the year 2000 will be held at our Oct. member 
meeting.  Every member is very valuable to this club.  Let us know the way you would like to help BACBC light the way into the year 2000. 
The Humble show & fair are almost here and things are going great.  Please look for the sign up sheets in this newsletter, and volunteer a couple of hours.  It is a great chance to meet members 
you have not met before, and to visit with old friends.  Also, donít forget your raffle items.  If you have already collected some, you can bring them to the meeting and someone will take them to the fair for you. 
Looking forward to seeing all of you at the next meeting. 
I can be reached at 
Linda Beeman
Vice President

Dena Pesses has volunteered 
to take over the vice presindency
for the rest of the year. 
If you have any ideas for
presentations please feel 
free to give me a call and tell 
me what they are. 
We want to fly into the 
millenium with a bang 

I can be reached at 
Dena Pesses


I have offered to become interim Secretary for the Bird Club during the remaining months of 1999.  I will be more than happy to take minutes at general meetings and Board meetings, to organize paperwork and keep records as necessary, and to help out in any other areas where I can. I appreciate the club members' confidence in my abilities.  I'm looking forward to the upcoming Fair and Bird Show in Humble, as a volunteer and a 'shopper', and I'm anxious to become more involved in the Club and to get to know the members better. 
Joyce Mayor 
I can be reached at 


Bill Gordon has volunteered to fill the Treasurers position for our club. 
The current balance is $3967.00, effective Sept. 6, 1999. Updated numbers should be 
available within 2 weeks.  I can be reached at  281-487-9219. 
Bill Gordon 
Fair Chairperson

Sign up sheets are
in this newsletter. 
Please contact 
Sharon Gordon 
or I to sign up and 
work for a couple 
of hours at the fair.
I can be reached at 
Teresa Ingerson

Carmelita Yeager has 
taken the position of 
membership person. 
I am glad to help out the 
club by taking over as 
membership chairman. 
I can be reached at 
Carmelita Yeager
Raffle Chairperson

Sharon Gordon has
volunteered as Raffle Chairman.
Please everyone go to 
your local stores to
get donations for our
raffle table. Remember
it does Not have to be 
bird related. Anyone
bringing their raffle items HAVE them at
the Humble Civic Center
by 8:00 a.m. PLEASE.
Let's make this one of
the best raffles ever and
have fun doing it. 
Thank you. I can be
reached at:
Sharon Gordon

Teresa Ingerson is the Editor. 
I am doing the newsletter, 
catalog and website now. 
I also now have the club 
computer, printer, scanner, and copier to do these jobs. 
The Catalog is ready to be sent to the printers, I am just waiting for some last minute ads 
to arrive.  The website is slow to be updated but Iím still working on it. 
Since I am now doing the newsletter I need any members to submit articles or ideas. 
I can be reached at: 
Teresa Ingerson 

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