Senegals are excellent pets. They are loyal and intelligent, and bond quickly with their owners. They may, in fact, have a slight tendency to bond a little too strongly, if anecdotal evidence is any guide. The Senegal list is full of stories of Senegals who are jealous of their chosen person's spouse or children, or of other family pets.
Senegals are relatively quiet parrots. They have fair talking ability, although often their voices are so soft that they are easily drowned out.  Their natural cries are quiet enough (unless they're really alarmed) that you could have a Senegal in an apartment without any of your neighbors being aware that you had a bird. They are excellent mimics of household noises, especially noises that bring their owners running.  It is the Senegal's personality, however, that is its most attractive trait. As all Senegal owners can attest, these little birds have a sense of humor.
They are cuddly birds, and love being tickled. A Senegal can easily become spoiled, and the term "brat-bird" is fairly commonly used by Senegal owners, but the extent to which your bird is spoiled is really up to you. These birds are not the constant attention-hogs that cockatoos are, and a Senegal that gets regular love and attention in the mornings and evenings can stay happy and contented with some well-chosen toys while its owner works all day. They also are relatively neat birds.
Senegals, like all parrots, need regular veterinary attention. Most vets recommend semiannual checkups, and annual checkups would certainly be the minimum. A healthy, well-cared-for Senegal is a delightful first bird, or an addition that can hold its own in any aviary. Opinions about longevity vary, but the best information suggests that a Senegal can be expected to live twenty to twenty-five years. Recent advances in diet and healthcare may make even longer lifespans possible for these wonderful little creatures. Don't be
surprised, if you take one of these little charmers into your home, if you find your home taken over.
The Senegal, or Poicephalus senegalus, is a member of the family of African parrots that includes Meyers, Jardines, and Brown Heads. The coloration of most of these species gives them the appearance of being hooded; in the Senegal's case, the color of the hood is gray. The Senegal's back, wing, and short tail feathers are shades of green, and the breast coloring ranges from lemon-yellow to orange. The beaks and ceres are gray, and the feet pink. The description does not do justice to this attractive little bird, however. Senegals
are compact and neat in appearance. Their feathers are smooth and glossy, the gray of their hoods is like polished pewter, and the yellow breasts are given a striking, vest-like appearance by a green "v" at the neck. The eyes of an immature Senegal are gray, but with maturity they become yellow. The typical Senegal is eight to nine inches in length.

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